О магазине

Two year’s ago the founders of P&Co meet as they usually did, in a coffee shop in Birmingham’s busy city centre to discuss ideas for their creative agency. After several cups of coffee their conversation steered to fashion. Of course both being in their early twenties living in an urban city they were conscious about current and classic styles. They soon realised there weren't any brands in the current market that either of them could connect with…there was a gap to fill so the pair took it upon themselves to create something to take its place!

At that moment and literally on the same afternoon P&Co was born, or more to the point planned out on coffee shop napkins (true story). A relatable, creative, lifestyle lead brand was born. The duo having like-minded outlooks and interests both in life, fashion and design set out to deliberately take a different approach to fashion by crafting a uniquely classic, unpretentious expression led brand in P&Co.